Take a Kid Trapping


Teslin Tlingit Council



Amount Awarded

$14,516 (Project was pursued due to lack of participants - money returned)

Final Report


The 10 day camp would provide youth an opportunity to reconnect to the land and a traditional heritage activity. Modeled after the North West Territories Take a Kid trapping program, youth participants will explore the many aspects of wildlife management and what it looks like on the ground. It would also introduce participants to the: Trapping Training Program; Trapping and Snaring; Wilderness Survival; Navigation in the Backcountry Safety; and Natural History. This program will also introduce young people to a diversity of other relative and engaging programming. The Land Based Camp will serve as a stepping stone to land stewardship and engagement providing TTC, TRRC and the YFWMB with the advocates, stewards and wildlife managers of the future.