Teslin Advanced Wolf Trapping Course


Teslin Tlingit Council



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Final Report


This Project has 5 specific goals:
1. To get local people out on the land for educational and capacity building
2. To engage the local population in mentoring roles
3. To encourage local participation in wildlife management
4. To encourage cooperation of local hunters and trappers
5. To encourage youth to participate in experiential education
– This program will further provide education, assistance and encouragement for Teslin area local people to get out on the land and participate in area wildlife management activities and traditional activities and lifestyles.
– This program will aid to allow locals to have a sense of pride to contributing to local wildlife management.
– This program will have local elders teach and mentor other locals and local youth in traditional methods of wolf trapping as well as skinning techniques and pelt handling.
– This Program will encourage locals in participating in other TTC programs, like the Wolf Pelt Handling Incentive, The TTC Teslin Trappers Education Course and the TTC Trapline Incentive Program.