Wolf Harvest Management and Trapping Training in S.L Caribou Wintering Range


Carcross Tagish Renewable Resources Council



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Wolf predation on the Sothern Lakes caribou herd was heavy during the winter of 2013 as documented by local and traditional knowledge and this appears to be happening again in 2014 threatening the continued recovery of the herd. First Nation elders have expressed concern at RRC meetings for caribou and moose populations. The main tool for managing wolf harvest as outlined in Yukon’s Wolf Conservation and Management Plan are the RRC’s and licenced trappers in the area. Only a few trappers have the knowledge and resources to effectively trap wolves and their efforts are limited to packs on their traplines. In the CTFN traditional territory only two trappers have shown commitment and success this winter harvesting a total of about 12 wolves but have expressed concern that they cannot focus on other packs beyond their traplines. These trappers would work with the trappers in these key areas in 2015 and 2016 with on the ground field training including site setup, gear and methods.