2014 Projects Proponent Awarded Contract Final Report
Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Trapper Culture Camp Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in $8,990 2014-15-19 Download
Teslin Bird Observatory Society of Yukon Bird Observatories $10,000 2014-15-20 Download
Interpretation of Water Isotope Tracer Data for the Yukon River Watershed Northern Climate Exchange $14,717 2014-15-11 Download
Reversing Local Extinction: Arctic Ground Squirrels Jeffery Werner, PhD UBC $9,015 2014-15-15 Download
CTFN Harvest Data: Collection, Compilation and Imagery Generation CTFN $15,000 2014-15-6 Download
Keeping Wildlife "Wild and Alive" in Yukon Communities Wildwise Yukon $6,357 2014-15-10 Download
Characterizing Caribou Use of Burned Areas Kelsey Russell $15,000 2014-15-21 Download
Hutchi Lakes Bison and Fish Project Jane Vincent $9,595 2014-15-1 Download