2015 Projects Proponent Awarded Contract Final Report
McIntyre Valley Margins Clean-up Friends of McIntyre Creek $3,000 2015-16-5 Download
Teslin Lake Bird Observatory Society of Yukon Bird Observatories $10,000 2015-16-19 Download
Humane Wolf Trapping Snare Set-up Bluemoon Trapping Products $9,100 2015-16-2 Download
Founding Colonies of Arctic Ground Squirrels Jeffery Werner, PhD UBC Zoology $5,400 2015-16-7 Download
Sharing Results and Improving Monitoring on Herschel Island-Qikiqtaruk Meagan Grabowski $5,200 2015-16-15 Download
Wolf Harvest Management and Trapping Training in S.L Caribou Wintering Range Carcross Tagish Renewable Resources Council $15,000 2015-16-14 Download
Southern Lakes Wire Recovery Carcross Tagish Renewable Resources Council $10,000 2015-16-13 Download
Ch’igii: The Adventures of a Porcupine Caribou Calf Bob Hayes $7,000 2015-16-9 Download
TIPPS Yukon Fish and Game Association $5,000 2015-16-8 Download
Preliminary Research for Lake Trout Restoration - Year 1 YFWET Self-directed $29,927 2015-16-21SD Download
Characterizing Caribou Use of Burned Areas in West-Central Yukon Kelsey Russell $15,500 2015-16-11 Download
TH Fish and Wildlife Habitat Steward Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in $5,625 2015-16-4 Download
Youth Engagement in Fisheries and Fish Health in Kluane Lake Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research $14,990 2015-16-3 Download