Our mandate is to fund projects which restore, protect & enhance Yukon’s fish, wildlife & natural habitats

Call for Proposals

The Yukon Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust (the ‘Trust’) will announce the annual call for proposals each year in early January.

Project proposal submissions must meet the Trust’s objective and are prepared according to the Application Guidelines.

Requests up to a maximum of $15,000 are encouraged,
however, any amount may be considered.


Proposals must be submitted electronically by 4:00 p.m. March 2, 2020.


Yukon is blessed with an awesome natural bounty. But we have to ensure we preserve what we have as well as work to enhance our fish and wildlife stocks, while maintaining a healthy environment that has increasing pressures placed upon it.


Projects range from fish and wildlife recovery programs to education and awareness campaigns. The Trust is always encouraging proposals for new projects from communities, community groups, renewable resource councils, non-profit groups, businesses, and individuals.


As a charitable organization, the Trust is happy to accept and provide a charitable tax receipt for gifts. By supporting an eligible charitable organization, such as the Trust, you will enjoy significant tax benefits.