Bird of the Old Crow Flats

This project will take place in the Old Crow Flats, a wetland north of the Arctic Circle with designation under the United Nations Ramsar Convention and of paramount importance to the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation as an essential component of their livelihoods.

The Old Crow Flats provides an environment amendable to migratory birds, many of which choose to raise their young in the wetland area. These birds have long been observed and appreciated by the Vuntut Gwitchin, a fact that is apparent in their Gwich’in language which contains over 100 names for species and subspecies found in Crow Flats.

This project will combine expertise of Dr. Dave Mossop who conducted population surveys on the Flats in the 1970s with current and past Vuntut Gwitchin traditional knowledge to survey the current populations, habitat and breeding. Riparian birds are some of the most sensitive indicator species in regard to wetland ecosystems and this project will not only establish trends over time but will assist with planning for restoration and habitat management

Proponent: Vuntut Gwitchin Government

Contract: 2013-14-3

Amount Awarded: $14,986

Final Report: Download