Connections on the Land

The objective of this proposal seeks to answer the call for a reunification between youth and the environment. To create a relationship between both that will build outdoor leadership capacity in our next generation of wildlife and environmental caregivers by providing and building an awareness of the delicate balance between people, wildlife and the environment. Through their connection to the land, water and the wildlife within, we will build a generation of people that will lead by example to help protect and restore wildlife numbers and their habitats. It is the hope of the educators and in partnership with Kwanlin Dun First Nation and the parents of Elijah Smith to instill a love of the outdoors. To give the youth of the Yukon opportunities to leave the classroom, their living rooms and televisions to step outside and enjoy the wilderness of the Yukon and to have a positive impact on the future of wildlife and the environment in the Yukon. This program will be run in from Elijah Smith Elementary School through school programming and curricular connection.

Proponent: Elijah Smith Elementary School

Contract: 2016-17-12

Amount Awarded: $3,000

Final Report: Download