CTFN Environmental Monitoring Program

To monitor wildlife populations, their movements and status, as well as any hunting, trapping and fishing activity in CTFN’s traditional territory, and to especially monitor and investigate any such activity taking place on Category A lands. Another objective is to collect and record data relating to the above activities, ecological or environmental changes, and unusual sightings. These monitoring initiatives will assist CTFN in meeting the Recommendations of the Southern Lakes Wildlife Coordinating Committee.

  • Develop, implement and coordinate effective monitoring protocols for traditionally used species and species at risk to ensure their long term conservation, using scientific, local and traditional knowledge.
  • Develop a coordinated Game Guardian program that would enhance wildlife monitoring, stewardship and education in the Southern Lakes

Proponent: Carcross Tagish First Nation

Contract: 2013-14-21

Amount Awarded: $14,500

Final Report: Download