Distribution of Invasive Rainbow Trout in the Whitehorse Area

Rainbow Trout are an Aquatic Invasive Species in the Yukon River drainage. They were released to McIntyre Creek in the 1950s. Their distribution is currently unknown.

The goal of this project is t determine the distribution of invasive Rainbow Trout in the Yukon River near Whitehorse and in the mid and lower Ibex River. Collaterally, we may be able to determine whether invasive Arctic Charr have entered the Yukon River from McIntyre Creek . Sampling will be conducted throughout the open water period of 2013 to address seasonal use and distribution.

Sampling methods will focus on those that target salmonoids (salmon, trout, and charr). All sampling locations will be georeferenced. A technical report will include a review of the available literature on stocking and escapes in McIntyre Creek and the results of the 2013 sampling. This will be, essentially, a baseline against which future monitoring can be applied and the risk of escapes from future stocking/aquaculture development may be assessed.

Proponent: Yukon Fish and Game Association

Contract: 2013-14-16

Amount Awarded: $9,560

Final Report: Download