Fish of the Dempster Country Project

The “Fish of the Dempster Country Project” will examine watersheds within the Dempster Highway Corridor, on the Yukon Territory section (Km14 to Km225) to document and identify fish species currently occurring throughout. This project will also incorporate data and knowledge obtained through previous study results (Yukon Environment Fisheries Section 2006/2007& Beak Consultants Ltd. 1979), with direct regards to fish passage issues from culvert crossings (& erosion problems) from the Dempster Highway. The project will involve traditional and local knowledge from peoples who have lived or frequented these areas in the past and present, to better represent what fish species may or may not have occurred. Obtaining this knowledge would use the proper protocol established by the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Government Heritage Department and respect given to all involved parties. The project will also develop a database for the region, with the intension of using the information for a management and educational tool. Information will be available from DFO, TH and YG or by emailing the project coordinator directly. A presentation at the Tombstone Interpretative Center, Km 72 Dempster Highway will also provide insight of the current status of the findings from 2012 study season.

Proponent: Matthew McHugh - in partnership with the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nation

Contract: C9-2013-11

Amount Awarded: $9,000

Final Report: Download