FN Stewardship: Southern Lakes Caribou Monitoring Program

This project will develop and test a ground-based monitoring program of Southern Lakes caribou herds between TTC, C/TFN, and TRTFN over the next year for the purposes of filling current data gaps, validation of scientific data, and increased community confidence in the full suite of information being used to make management decisions. The three Inland Tlingit Nations and YG will collaboratively build the program, train field staff, implement data collection, and review the program for continued data collection. Data collection protocols will be developed with consideration to local and traditional knowledge, regional capacity and relevance, literature reviews, existing ground-based monitoring programs in Yukon, and with guidance from the Southern Lakes regional biologist. The three parties will review existing and scheduled scientific data collection to ensure that the data gathering from all approaches are complementary and standardized where appropriate.

Proponent: Teslin Tlingit Council

Contract: 2016-17-14

Amount Awarded: $5,000

Final Report: Download