Holy Family School Bison Hunt

This is an amazing opportunity in which two or three weeks of curriculum can be covered within one week. Students learn to respect wildlife and the bush, learn how to live in the bush using what they have in an honourable way and learn about first nations traditions focusing on CAFN. This unique opportunity is one that no other school board in Canada is probably even considering and it truly touches the hearts of all the kids who go on this trip. We are asking for a wall tent because every year we must borrow at least 2 big tents and we never know if we will get the tents or when we get them what kind of condition they will be in, adding much stress to the whole trip. We are also asking for money to purchase sleeping bags to lend out to students when their own bags are not warm enough.

Proponent: Holy Family Elementary School

Contract: 2019-20-03

Amount Awarded: $3,000

Final Report: Download