Human Bear Conflicts – Soapberry Removal

Goals of the Project:

  1. Remove female soapberry bushes from heavily used campground areas such as outhouse trails and beach campsites in 2013 after consultation with Yukon Parks staff and COs.
  2. Develop ways of monitoring bear use of campground area over time based on both historical records (e.g. incident reports) and on going monitoring such as game cameras.
  3. Identify and mark female soapberry bushes in August 2013 so they can be dug up and transplanted in May 2014 to test the effectiveness of enhancing bear habitat in areas away from the campground (e.g. Congdon Ck above highway or perimeter of nearby gravel pits).

Proponent: Yukon Research Centre - YC

Contract: 2013-14-12

Amount Awarded: $10,000

Final Report: Download