Humane Wolf Trapping Snare Set-up

The purpose of this project is to educate inexperienced wolf trappers to set up a wolf snaring set in the latest and most humane methods with modern equipment for traplines within the proximity of the Teslin area. Only breakaway systems would be used in snare sets to allow for ungulate bi-catch to be able to be released from snares without harm. We would be spending three days with each trapper, one day for set up and preparation of snare areas, one day setting up to 150 breakaway snares in various locations on trapping concession with bait on the site, and one day skinning carcass, pelt preparation and stretching. Trapper will be taught techniques that will allow for the full potential of auctioned fur. This project will teach trappers to catch wolves on their lines. The management of wolves in the wilderness will enhance the life expectancy of moose and their calves.

Proponent: Bluemoon Trapping Products

Contract: 2015-16-2

Amount Awarded: $9,100

Final Report: Download