Hutchi Lakes Bison and Fish Project

Hutshi Lakes Bison and Fish through the eyes of youth canoe project

To facilitate a canoe program at Hutshi Lakes for CAFN youth. Canoeing will be used as the vehicle to explore the lakes and the connecting river. The youth will be involved in two projects: one on fish and one on ungulates including bison. These projects will combine science, such as water sampling, wetland surveys, traditional knowledge, such as learning where their elders fished at Hutshi, for what species and being able to access any area of the lakes or river by canoe, as the elders did. Ultimately the goal is to empower youth to spend time on the land, engage with fish and wildlife and contribute to fish and wildlife management now as youth and in the future as decision makers.

Proponent: Jane Vincent

Contract: 2014-15-1

Amount Awarded: $$9,595

Final Report: Download