Lakeshore Habitat Management

Yukon currently lacks any government-mandated and publicly accessible policy framework, planning principles and management guidelines for stewardship of lakeshores and associated habitats – key habitats for many wildlife and fish species. This project will propose planning principles and management guidelines to protect and conserve lakeshore habitats, in a document that can act as a reference point for future land and resource planning and ongoing environmental impact assessment in Yukon. We will produce a Report that summarizes the ecological characteristics and values of northern boreal lakeshores and associated aquatic and terrestrial habitats. It will lay out recommended principles and guidelines for good stewardship of fish and wildlife habitats associated with lakeshores, and identify knowledge gaps to be filled to improve future stewardship (including planning and management). Information will be gathered from existing science, management approaches in other jurisdictions, and interviews with knowledgeable Yukoners.

Proponent: Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

Contract: 2017-18-10

Amount Awarded: $13,200

Final Report: Download