McIntyre Creek Fish and Wildlife Interpretive Sign

This project proposes to develop, design and install an interpretive sign near the confluence of McIntryre Creek and the Yukon River, at the site of the former City of Whitehorse dump at Range Road. The location is within the Traditional Territory of the Ta’an Kwäch’än people and was the site of a traditional Chinook salmon fish camp. The sign will discuss wildlife that utilizes this wetland/riparian area. Traditional knowledge from Ta’an Kwäch’än members will be synthesized and integrated with scientific knowledge related to bird, mammal and amphibian species that inhabit the area. Consultation will also be conducted with the City of Whitehorse, the YTG Environment (i.e. wildlife viewing section) and other stakeholders. The design and installation of an interpretive sign will provide educational opportunities to local elementary and high school students as well as the general public. By incorporating the sign into the existing foot trails in the area, the installation will also help shift public perception of the area from a dumping ground to an important wildlife habitat.

Proponent: Ta’an Kwäch’än

Contract: C2-2011-3

Amount Awarded: $4,000

Final Report: