McIntyre Valley Margins Clean-up

This Project will result in the removal of items and materials (refuse) that have been thrown or rolled down the steep valley walls of the McIntyre Creek valley. The refuse is now in areas that cannot be accessed by vehicles without creating significant environmental damage. The Project includes a reconnaissance by volunteers from FOMC to determine the location and quantity of refuse. The reconnaissance will be followed by the removal of the refuse. HeliDynamics will provide a helicopter and nets. The nets will be filled with refuse by volunteers. The nets will then be hooked to a line suspended from the helicopter and slung to a vehicle accessible point, then emptied by volunteers. The City of Whitehorse will pick up the refuse and transport it to the Landfill.

Proponent: Friends of McIntyre Creek

Contract: 2015-16-5

Amount Awarded: $3,000

Final Report: Download