Off Road Vehicle Terrain Analysis & Awareness Project

The goal for 2011 was to establish a Working Group, begin the trail analysis process, and get what information we could gather, assess, and collectively agree upon, out to target audiences and the general public. The collaborative engagement of these organizations on this topic was anticipated to be among the greatest accomplishment of this project, as it would help develop common understanding, and common language for continuing to tackle this complex issue. To these ends, we feel we’ve been very successful.

We said we would consider the project a success if the Working Group were to successfully identify and agree upon:

  1. sample trails for Group analysis;
  2. the factors affecting trail integrity; and
  3. a collaborative communication strategy and plan, including target audiences to reach.

We accomplished two of these and pursued the third. We collaborated on a communications strategy and plan, including target audiences to reach out to, and we did come to agreement on messaging that addresses factors affecting trail integrity. However, while we did use a few specific trails as examples within our Working Group discussions, it was agreed that information about recommended uses of specific identified trails was not part of our communications strategy or plan, so in the end, we did not disclose information regarding specific trails, but rather created education material that explains types of environments which are preferred for riding, or not-preferred, due to the nature of the environment.

Proponent: Yukon Conservation Society

Contract: C4-2011-5

Amount Awarded: $10,000

Final Report: Download