Respect for Fish Initiative

The “Respect for Fish Initiative” – Working Together and Moving Forward towards Sustainable Freshwater Fisheries will work towards addressing some of our most pressing challenges with Yukon’s freshwater fisheries. Through a facilitated process it will: 1) bring together a group of diverse stakeholders with various perspectives on the freshwater fishery, 2) meaningfully engage and discuss their various perspectives (i.e. live release, management, conservation, clashing world views, governance, regulations, outreach and education), 3) explore each other’s perspectives and identify shared values around the fishery, and 4) collaborate on a professional, multi-faceted education and outreach campaign based on “Respect for Fish” in the Tagish River area. The project will utilize traditional and local knowledge, western scientific knowledge and focus on measurable outcomes for all stakeholders (i.e. First Nations citizens, Renewable Resources Councils, Fishery Managers, public anglers, recreationalists).

Proponent: Dennis Zimmermann

Contract: 2019-20-07

Amount Awarded: $15,000

Final Report: Download