Reversing Local Extinction: Arctic Ground Squirrels in First Nations Traditional Hunting Grounds

Reintroduction activities are part of a larger conservation program designed to bring populations of Arctic ground squirrels back into the montane boreal ecosystem of the SW Yukon. The project also seeks to clarify why this herbivore disappeared from much of the ecosystem. Based on what we have learned about squirrel survival and movement (see final report submitted to YFWET) we wish to establish a second population in the Duke meadow system, and start two simultaneous colonies in Bear Creek meadows (near Haines Junction). Renewed funding would be used to implement this second and last reintroduction, and to monitor the status of these new populations throughout the 2014 active season.

Proponent: Jeffery Werner, PhD UBC

Contract: 2014-15-15

Amount Awarded: $9,015

Final Report: Download