Southern Lakes Game Guardian Program

The purpose of the project is to support the protection of wildlife populations and their habitat with in the Southern Lakes area and to help achieve the objectives of Chapter 16 (fish and wildlife) of the Umbrella Final Agreement. Currently CTFN does sporadic game guardian patrols. These usually are incorporated with site inspections and when tips are received from the public about wildlife incidents. CTFN requested a contribution from the trust to fund a 5 month game Guardian position. This position was recommended in the 2007 Southern Lakes Moose Educational program. A small part of the proposed funding requested will go toward building better relationships with KDFN members by having the opportunity a paid auxiliary to participate in 8 weekend patrols from August to October. In this 5 month period CTFN is looking to have its first, First Nation big game harvest report. CTFN will also continue to employee this position for an additional 6 months to help out with the Caribou Recovery Program.

Proponent: The Carcross/ Tagish First Nation

Contract: C11-2008-15

Amount Awarded: $15,000

Final Report: Download