Southern Lakes Wire Recovery 2016

This project is continuation of last year’s Southern Lakes Wire Recovery Project 2015 that was funded by the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust. The purpose of this project is to continue on with the identification, mapping, and removal of abandoned wire in the Southern Lakes area. Additionally, the CTRRC and CTFN will be developing a work plan for up to 5 years of work required to remove a significant amount of abandoned wire, if not all, in the Southern Lakes area.

Areas of concentration will be to continue and hopefully complete the removal of wire located at Conrad, assess and remove wire at Marsh Lake, and to work with White Pass to remove downed wire along their right away. CTFN Finance and Infrastructure department is will be entering into negotiations with White Pass for a capacity development program that will train CTFN citizens to work as linemen. If negotiations are successful, trained CTFN citizens will be utilizes at future (yet to be identified) stages of the Wire Recovery Project.

Members of the community will be involved at every stage of the project as many citizens spend time in the more remote areas of the CTFN traditional territory and are able to identify areas where wire has been seen and/or removed by concerned citizens. Elders have been eager to share stories of White Pass history within the community and have identified areas of priority that will be recorded and worked into the overall project.

Proponent: C/TRRC and C/TFN

Contract: 2016-17-18

Amount Awarded: $$20,000

Final Report: Download