Southern Lakes Wire Recovery

There are many kilometers of abandoned telegraph and telephone wires in the southern lakes region. In many cases the wire is strung through trees and is on or near the ground and there is documented evidence of moose mortalities resulting from wire entangled animals. It is not certain what the extend of ungulate mortality is but the wire will continue killing forever if not cleaned up. The first stage of the project will be to meet with Trappers, landowners and communities and agencies to establish the extent and location of such wires and the extent of the wildlife problem and to conduct field confirmation were necessary. Stage two will be to start removal process working with trappers, landowners, Y2C2 and agencies such as Highways, Northwestel, Whitepass who may have the technology and equipment to do much of this work.

Proponent: Carcross Tagish Renewable Resources Council

Contract: 2015-16-13

Amount Awarded: $10,000

Final Report: Download