Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Trapper Culture Camp

Through this project, local children will gain the value of fur bearers and the importance of their habitat and conservation. By continuing to educate as many youth as possible, we believe we are helping to in-still within them the value of stewardship and are thereby helping to ensure the future health of our fur bearer resources. Moreover, TH is inspired to organize its third ever “First Trapper Education Program” for all TH Youth and other youth living in Dawson City, with the expected achievement of high interest and participation for a continuous program. Elders and Commercial trappers will be recruited to provide their expertise and traditional knowledge and biologists or wildlife field technicians will provide their knowledge of fur bearers habitat within TH Traditional Territory. For 2014 year we anticipate up to 10 participants which will include: Youth, Elders, Facilitators, Volunteers, and Visitors.

Proponent: Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in

Contract: 2014-15-19

Amount Awarded: $8,990

Final Report: Download