Turn In Poachers, Turn In Polluters Program – T.I.P.S.

The Turn in Poachers/Turn in Polluters (TIPP) program has been in effect in the Yukon since 1991. It was established as a joint effort of the Department of Environment and the Yukon Fish and Game Association to provide Yukoners with the opportunity to report resource violations to Conservation Officers using a toll free number.
In the 2011/2012 licencing year, 108 calls were received on the TIPP line, of which 43 were of an enforcement nature that required a response by an officer. The Turn In Poachers/Turn In Polluters program has proven successful numerous times since it’s inception. It’s difficult to measure the deterrent value of such a program, however it is clearly a positive, proactive way of informing and educating the public about concerns many Yukoner’s share about protecting our natural resources.

Summary of 2011/2012 TIP calls
Human/Wildlife Conflict 40 (up 5 from 2010/11)
Enforcement 33 (up 3 from 2010/11)
Road Kill 13 (same as 2010/11)
Wildlife Management 7 (down 2 from 2010/11)
Other 15 (up 1 from 2010/11)

Summary of payouts for 2009
There were four payouts for rewards in 2009 for a total of $2,750.00

Summary of payouts in 2011-12
There were five payouts in the past year for a total of $2,600.00
There were two purchases of Tips materials for a total of $1,448.02

Total for 2009-12 $6,798.02

Proponent: Yukon Fish and Game Association

Contract: C6-2011-7

Amount Awarded: $7500.00 - ($6792.02 was spent, the remainder returned Trust)

Final Report: Download