Youth Engagement in Fisheries and Fish Health in Kluane Lake

Youth from the Kluane First Nation will participate in a ‘two ways of knowing’ harvest camp and Cultis camp that exposes them to both traditional knowledge and western science aspects of fishing and fisheries. All interested youth will learn more about fish in the region, specifically Lake Whitefish, Lake Trout, and Lingcod; they will be taught how to set gill nets and the preparations necessary to set Lingcod hooks, and they will be mentored in preparation of fish by community Elders. They will also learn about factors that can affect northern fishes, such as climate change and long-range transport of contaminants, and practice processing fish for scientific analysis. Youth will report back to the community on these activities and on Traditional Knowledge interviews. The project will provide opportunities for youth and other KFN citizens to learn fish sampling and measurement techniques from a researcher who will be working in the KFN area at the same time, and build capacity for participation in future research projects. Funding for interested youth to fish for Lingcod under the ice will be sought from another source and will complement the outcomes from this project.

Proponent: Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research

Contract: 2015-16-3

Amount Awarded: $14,990

Final Report: Download