Proposal submissions must be received electronically by March 1, 2024 at 4:00 PM – If a sanctioned holiday, then the submission deadline will be the next business day at the same time.

The availability of Trust funds for a call for proposals will be advertised throughout Yukon between January 1st and March 1st of each calendar year.


To use Trust funds to restore, enhance and protect fish and wildlife populations and their habitat, in Yukon, so as to achieve the objectives of Chapter 16 of the Umbrella Final Agreement and may include initiating, sponsoring, funding, directing and carrying out measures to achieve those objectives*

Proposal review

All proposals will undergo a technical review based on the criteria within the proposal guidelines. Proposals must contain a coverpage, budget and workplan as outlined in the guidelines. A final review and selection will be made by the Trustees during their April meeting.


Pursuant to the Trust’s spending and investment policies – a portion of the Trust’s net annual gains from investments (which includes 100% of donations) must be annually allocated towards projects which meet the Trust’s objective and guidelines.

Requests up to a maximum of $15,000 are encouraged, however, any amount may be considered.

Advice and Assistance

A proponent may contact the Trust Manager prior to their proposal submission to discuss their project’s concept or ask for advice and assistance on completing their proposals.

It is highly recommended that proponents include letters of support from the local renewable resources council and community, the local stewards to their surrounding environment.

If licenses or studies are to be undertaken, a letter of support from the government body agreeing to the proposed methodology is also encouraged.

Application Guidelines

1.  Introduction

Chapter 27 of the Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA) established the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust (Trust). The objective of the Trust is to restore, enhance and protect Fish and Wildlife populations and their habitat in the Yukon so as to achieve the objectives of Chapter 16 – Fish and Wildlife. The trustees may initiate, sponsor, fund, direct and carry out measures designed to achieve the objective.

The Council of Yukon First Nations, the Government of the Yukon and the Government of Canada contributed to the Trust pursuant to an Indenture Agreement as directed by Chapter 27 of the UFA. The initial Trust principal was approximately $3.5 million and is now approximately valued at $4.9 million. These funds are invested according to the Trust’s investment policy with a pre-defined disbursement quota, plus 100% of private donations, used to fund Trust approved projects.

This document will guide applicants on developing and submitting a proposal to the Trust.

A call for proposals occurs once each year between January 1st and March 1st.

2.  Eligibility

Project Applicants may be:

  • individuals
  • non-government organizations, associations and societies
  • educational institutions (public schools, colleges, universities)
  • renewable resource councils, commissions, boards
  • businesses
  • cooperatives
  • Projects that involve partnerships are encouraged.
  • Projects that include training and the growth of community capacity are encouraged. E.g: partnering with First Nations, Renewable Resources Councils, hiring local community members, training local community members.

While Government (Federal, Territorial, and First Nations) is not excluded from eligibility, Chapter 27 of the UFA states:

“Expenditures from the Trust are not intended to duplicate or replace Government expenditures on Fish and Wildlife management.”

Eligible Projects are those that:

  • restore fish and wildlife populations or their habitat in the Yukon;
  • protect fish and wildlife populations or their habitat in the Yukon; and
  • enhance fish and wildlife populations or their habitat in the Yukon.

Projects that advance the achievement of the objectives of Chapter 16 of the UFA are encouraged.  Projects may not be funded if other funding programs are more appropriate to the proposed project.

Eligible Costs

Costs that are included in the project’s work-plan and budget may be eligible for funding and generally are limited to:

  • Contracted services and/or salaries.
  • Office services (telephone, photocopying, postage).
  • Travel, food and accommodation.
  • Materials and supplies.
  • Rented or leased space, facilities, equipment and machinery.

As a general rule Eligible Costs do not include the purchase of capital equipment, such as licensed motor vehicles or computer hardware. In very exceptional circumstances, a piece of capital equipment may be purchased upon submission and approval of the Trust but may also become the property of the Trust after the project is complete. All expenses and costs must be submitted in the work-plan and budget and approved by the Trust. All original receipts and invoices must be retained by the proponent and must be submitted to the Trust upon request. These conditions may become contractual obligations prior to the release of funds.

Level of Funding Assistance

  • The Trust may fund up to 100% of any project.
  • Funding from other sources is encouraged.
  • Multi-year projects are not encouraged, but may be considered for Trust funding.

Recurring or repetitive projects that are funded in any one year may not necessarily be funded in a subsequent year.

4.  Application Deadline

The availability of Trust funds and a call for proposals will be advertised throughout Yukon between January 1st and March 1st of each year. The deadline for proposal submissions will be 4:00 p.m. on the first day of March. If March 1st is a statutory holiday, the submission deadline will be the next business day after March 1st.

Proposals may be addressed to the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust Manager and submitted by either:

  • Email: as an attached MS word document or Adobe PDF formatted document (.doc or .pdf – preferred mode and format).
  • Mail: Box 31022, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5P7; or
  • Delivery: Fish and Wildlife Management Board, 2nd floor, 409 Black Street, Whitehorse

Applicants may contact the Trust Manager before submitting a proposal to discuss a project’s concept or for advice and assistance. Inquiries may be made by:

5.  Application Procedure

The applicant must provide a cover page, located here, which includes:

  • the title of the project;
  • a brief one paragraph summary of the project stating the purpose, objective(s), location, and amount of funds being requested from the Trust;
  • proposed start and finish dates; and
  • the applicant’s name, address, contact person name, and contact information
    (i.e., phone, fax, email, mail, web, etc.)

The following criteria must be included in the proposal for determination of feasibility and technical soundness; wherever possible, demonstrate how traditional knowledge supports your rational:

  • State which of the Trust’s criteria categories the project falls under. Does it protect, enhance or restore fish and wildlife or their habitat in the Yukon?
  • Which objectives of Chapter 16 of the UFA does the project contribute towards achievement?
  • Detail the methodology or the approach that will be taken to reach the project’s objectives. Are there sound biological/ecological rationales for the project to proceed? You are encouraged and may be required to provide background support from either fish or wildlife biologists and/or from local/traditional knowledge experts.
  • What are the anticipated outcomes of the project and how will each be measured or evaluated?
  • Do you have the community, First Nation, Renewable Resource Council, and public support for your project? You may be required to submit documentation of support.
  • What permits and permissions will be required for the project to proceed?
    Do you have permission of landowners, regulatory agencies, worker compensation, etc.? You may be required to submit the necessary documentation prior to the release of funding.
  • Do you have involvement from other funding partners?
  • Are the project’s personnel qualified to carry out the proposed project? You may be required to submit resumes of personnel.
  • Are there ongoing operations and maintenance costs after completion of the project?
  • Are the work-plan and budget realistic?
  • The application must contain:
    • funding proposal cover sheet
    • budget; and
    • project work-schedule.

The complete and approved proposal, including a cover sheet, budget, and project work-schedule, form an integral part of the “Contract” that each successful applicant must sign before receiving funding.

6.  Technical Review

In March, the Trust’s technical review committee will review all applications for completeness and compliance with the Trust mandate and guidelines. The Trust Manager may contact applicants if their proposal has merit but requires more attention.

The criteria described under section 5, “Application Procedure”, are the essential elements used to assess the proposal’s feasibility and technical soundness.

The technical review committee will consist of a minimum of two Trustees and may include the Trust Manager, and any number of fish, wildlife, or other experts as deemed to be necessary. Experts may include those with local or traditional knowledge of the area.

7.  Final Selection

The technical review committee rates each proposal in accordance with the Trust Objectives (Restore, Enhance, or Protect) and guidelines. Proposals that are technically sound, financially viable and feasible, and meet the objectives of the Trust are prioritized for funding.

The technical review committee submits funding decisions to the trustees at the next Yukon Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust meeting.

8.  Successful Applicants

  • Each successful applicant will sign a Contribution Agreement with the Trust outlining the project terms, including the schedule of payments and timelines for completion.
  • Projects will be monitored by the Trust Manager for compliance with the Contribution Agreement.
  • Final reports, results, evaluations, and photos must be submitted by the successful applicants and will become the sole property of the Trust. These may be available for public distribution at the Trust’s discretion.
  • The final reports shall include an evaluation to assess whether the goals of the project were met.
  • The successful applicant will recognize the Trust for the funds granted in all reports, signage (pre-approval required), and wherever and whenever applicable.
  • Incomplete Contribution Agreements may be terminated at the Trust’s discretion.
  • Any approved but unexpended project funds must be returned to the Trust.