Final Report Guidelines

The submission of a final report is a requirement for all parties who receive funding from the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust.

Final Report

The final report allows funding recipients to demonstrate that they have spent the Trust money as outlined in their project budget and in accordance with their project work plan. The final report also summarizes the successes and set backs of the project and gives the Board of Trustees, or other interested parties, the chance to learn from the project process and the outcomes.

Developing the report

All proponents must complete their projects and submit a final report to the Trust in an acceptable format pursuant to the report guidelines.

The final report is required to be submitted in a PDF version. The financial reporting is to submitted in a separate PDF document. Financial reports are not published on the website.

Guidelines to produce a report

All parties who receive funding from the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust must submit a two part final report – a Results Report and a Financial Report. You must also provide the Trust with an electronic (PDF) and hard copy version of both reports. In addition, you must also provide separately an electronic jpeg versions of all pictures used. Please note all reports become the property of the Trust as stated in the contribution agreement; and the Results Report (not the Financial Report) shall be published on the Trust’s website. Below is a brief outline that demonstrates what your final reports should include:

  • 1-2 PAGES
  • What activities did you complete during your project?
  • How did your activities contribute to you goals and objectives?
  • Note any variances to your goals, objectives or work plan and explain why they occurred?
  • Explain how the results of your work contributed to the protection, enhancement or restoration of fish, wildlife or their habitat?
  • If you were to do the project again what would you do differently?
  • 1 PAGE
  • + Attachments, newspaper articles, letters of praise, advertisements, etc.
  • What did you do to ensure your results were shared with the appropriate groups, people or governments?
  • Note how you recognized the Enhancement Trust and/or its mandate?
  • Identify any communication materials, strategies or techniques that you used to promote your project and its objectives?
  • Include photos of the project in action or the finished product?
  • 1–2 PAGES
  • + copies of all Receipts
  • Include all receipts and invoices from the project and ensure they match the project work plan and the amount of funding received?
  • Use a budget-to-actual statement to compare your original budget to your actual spending? Explain any major differences? (use attached template)
  • Explain any over expenditures or under expenditures.
  • Include a cheque for all funds that were not used during the